Meet the Maker

I never dreamed I would grow up and become a potter! With dreams of bettering the planet, I graduated with a B.S. in Ecological Restoration, and two minors (Botany and Watershed Management) from Humboldt State University. I started my own native garden and landscaping business right out of college, called "Just Be," and helped locals learn about biodiversity with native plants, while removing invasive plant species.  I was given a gift of a "10-week workshop in ceramics" at the local art school and gallery the first summer of graduation. Class met once a week, for 10 weeks, for two hours. It became my therapy, my meditation, my sacred space. When I wasn't in soil, I was in clay. I made the transition from "Just Be" to "CBe Ceramics" the summer of 2015, and in 2016 I decided to become a full-time potter. I have been creating behind the wheel ever since.

I've been featured in five art shows (Fire Arts Gallery Mar 2014, Brenda Tuxford Gallery April 2014, Fire Arts Center March 2015, Gallery Metier May 2015, Fire Arts Center Gallery Mar 2016) and have been published (North Coast Journal March 2014) since I've started this clay journey. I even led a ceramics course and workshop at the local art center from October 2014-March 2015. I am currently a member at the Fire Arts Center, a member of the Old Creamery District, and had a booth at the Saturday Art Market every month from June-September in Arcata in 2015-2016. They have since been canceled due to funding. I was a vendor for the  2017 and 2018 North Country Fair in Arcata. I plan on participating in the 2019 North Coast Open Studios in June. I will also have a small gallery show at the Fire Arts Center for the month of July 2019.

I work with commercially manufactured stoneware and porcelain clay. All works are bisque fired in an electric kiln, and natural gas-fired to Δ10 (2345°F) in a reduction kiln, unless otherwise noted. This temperature range known as high fire, results in the most durable and useful pieces possible. The reduction atmosphere helps to create a wide range of texture and hues in the glazes. I use an electric potter's wheel, clay slabs, and hand build to create my pieces.

I enjoy the learning process, personal growth and peace I experience since I've started on this path in life. I dreamed of bettering the planet, and I'd like to think I'm still doing that, through a different medium. I put a little piece of my heart in every form, and I am both honored and excited that I get to share my work with you.