Frequently Asked Questions

How do I go about ordering?

-Every month I update the shop once or twice. These items become available for purchase at a specific date and time which is announced on Instagram and Etsy shop header, with ample time for folks to be ready. Most mugs tend to sell out the day of an update. It is best to be on the website a few minutes prior to the update release time if  you are looking to get something specific.

Do you take commissions or customs?

- The first window of opportunity to submit a custom request will be the at the end of April between the 26th - 29th, 2019. Please do not send me any ideas or submissions until that window has been announced. 

Contact me via ETSY when submitting. When sending in your submissions, *please limit* your requests to FOUR if submitting more than one. Each person is limited to *two accepted* submissions. Send me your proposals with snapshot images of a design I’ve already created or your personal idea. Due to volume, response time can be up to 1-2 weeks from submission. Everyone gets a response. If your submission has been selected, pricing and listing correspondence begin. *Please* understand that discussions and price quoting does NOT guarantee a custom. Listings that have been paid in full guarantee a spot. Space is limited, so response time to a price quote is essential in securing a spot. *Please* do not take it personal if you do not get a spot; I am a one-woman operation when it comes to creation; I have my limits. Please respect + honor my healthy boundaries. Customs take 6-8 weeks to complete once payment has been received.

What are your prices?

- Prices become available when items become available and publicly posted for the people. Please see my inventory via my Etsy shop for update-to-date pricing. If I am sold out, please wait for the next batch of goods for pricing 

When do you have auctions?

-Designs that are in high demand but limited or one of a kind will often be auctioned on Instagram. These auctions are not announced and happen randomly. I list the item with guidelines and time frame on a post through Instagram. Buyer must have a PayPal account and Instagram account to participate.

Do you take pre-orders?

Yes, I often offer pre-order listings for certain designs. These pre-order designs are pre-selected by me. Pre-orders are offered the day of a shop update. Please see my Etsy shop header and Instagram bio for a listed day and time for the next update. Pre-orders take 6+ weeks for completion once payment has been received. Consider subscribing to my website to receive shop update reminders.

How do I subscribe to your site?

-Visit and subscribe by entering your email in the mail subscriber provided. I send out a reminder email the day of a shop update with details on whats coming up. 

Do you take reserves?


Do you sell on consignment?

-No. Local shops have asked to carry my goods but have also asked for 40-50% of the sale. I don't want to raise my prices to make up the difference, or take that big of a cut in my original prices. I do all of my sales via Etsy or local fair. 

How do I get to your Etsy shop?

-Visit the "order/purchase" tab on my website, there is an arrow that links to my Etsy shop. You can also go to the link

Do you participate in any local shows or craft fairs?

-Before the Art Markets in the Old Creamery District got cancelled, I had a booth there every month from May through November in 2015 and 2016. I was a vendor at the North Country Fair in 2017 and 2018, which happens in Arcata on the plaza for two days in September. I may be participating in the 2019 North Coast Open Studios, which happens the first two weekends of June. I will be having an exhibition at the Fire Arts Center where I have my work fired, for the month of July 2019. Fall/Winter markets and/or shows are still unknown.