About CBeCeramics

Staying true to self. 

Ever since grade school, I had the nickname "C.B.,' first given to me  by my music teacher. Its my first and last initial, easy enough; add the fact that my last name is just "Be," and there you have it, the beginnings of something brewing: CBe

Fast forward in time, to the period where I fell in love with clay; my life a play in pottery, consumed by ceramics, and there you have it, a naturally fitting brand name: CBe Ceramics. I like to think a piece of me goes into every creation.


Every ware I create gets stamped with my name and brand. Know when you receive or purchase an item from my shop, you are investing and supporting high quality work. With over 1350 five-star reviews, you can rely and depend on the quality and care I pour into what I do. 


I attract a community of friends whose beautiful energy resonates with mine